It is my joy to commend to you the ministry of Dr. Dalip Kumar and Shepherd Fellowship of India, Inc., a ministry which he and his family initiated under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. The vision of this ministry is to reach the people of India and see them transformed by the love of Christ. Brother Dalip has served for many years on the staff of First Baptist Church of Jonesboro, Georgia, but in these days is focusing all of his attention and resources upon the development of Shepherd Fellowship of India, Inc. that has operations both in India and the United States. I believe that any support you provide through prayers and resources will be utilized to the glory of God and the expansion of His Kingdom.​​​​​

As a member of First Baptist Church Jonesboro, GA, I’ve had the privilege of knowing Dalip Kumar for many years. In that time, I’ve observed him serving God faithfully in our church and our community. I’m especially blessed to have co-labored with him in his mission efforts among the people of India. The physical and spiritual needs there are indeed great. So, what a joy it was to see God at work through Dalip’s ministry first hand. I know in the days ahead your prayers and financial support will be used mightily of God through Dr. Kumar and the Shepherd Fellowship of India ministry.​​​​​

I have had the privilege of knowing and serving alongside Pastor Dalip Kumar for a decade. I have observed him in India and know of his profound desire to see people accept Christ as their Savior and serve Him as their Lord. Bro. Kumar has demonstrated his ability to organize new ministry opportunities and to lead them into the formation of churches. Any contributions to these ministries are worthwhile investments in the Kingdom.​​​​​